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Lie back and think of Asgard

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Captain America

I love AUs. SO. MUCH. And because I was looking at Tron stuff earlier and remembered the discs/frisbees and then the shield and then HEY Captain America Tron AU. Why not.

I hate trying to design those suits, though. Even more so when I have to work an existing suit into the design. Don’t even get me started on Bucky’s damn Winter Soldier suit, oh man. This is by no means a final design for Steve’s little Grid outfit, I just really wanted to fiddle around with the frisbee/shield thing. The lines are uneven because they were supposed to follow the points of the star that’s usually at the center there but I think it just looks wonky. Ah well, there’s always next time.


There was an attempt.

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Pythagoras, slaughtered. Galileo, imprisoned. Copernicus, ridiculed. Poor old Newton pushed into secrecy in alchemy. Tesla, destroyed. His beautiful possibilities completely ignored. And still bitching about Darwin. Still.

-Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013   director: Jim Jarmusch

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Filed under Only Lovers Left Alive Trying to figure out how to convince my family to watch this with me over Christmas Not sure Because they are likely to roll their eyes at both vampire genre and arthouse and I have learned from experienve that 'No you don't understand how much this matters to me' doesn't work but I think they would like it? Thinky think Also I'm totally going to rewatch it this afternoon when I've done all my tasks for today